Looks can be deceiving

I was captivated by this awesome picture.


And this looks even better.


We were on a short break staying at Novotel Lakeside Queenstown, our favourite Queenstown Accommodation with its private spa/Jacuzzi.


We thought a pamper at Onsen Hot pools would be a luxury.

We booked for a 6pm soak, took the complimentary shuttle which was supposed to depart at 5.30pm but we waited a bit for some others who didn’t show up.  Upon arrival at Onsen, we would have thought we could get into the bath tub as booked but we had to wait another 10 minutes or so before being given a room.

A unique feature of Onsen Hot Pools are the retractable picture windows: Convert your pool room from indoor to outdoor and back again at the touch of a button!  That was cool but it got dark too soon and we could only see the stars and not the view.  Perhaps choosing a day entry would be better for those who are looking for views across the Shotover Canyon.  For those who want to look at the stars and happy to pay an extra $20 per pool for the cost of lighting 14 lanterns, then by all means get your enjoyment from gazing at the stars.

The fare was for an hour but we didn’t really get our whole hour’s worth as shuttle departed late and yet we had to wait to be served.  We were told if you were still not dressed or ready when the buzzer comes on, you will have to use the public changing room.

We came looking for relaxation and some pamper but it was more like a rushed  impersonal experience.  If we have to wait, perhaps a glass of water with a slice of lime would be cheap enough to make us feel special.

We should have used that money for a sumptuous feed and then soak at Novotel’s private Jacuzzi instead.

Would you pay $115 for two people for a hot soak gazing at the stars?




All images credit to the original contributors.


3 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving

  1. Sorry to hear about the experience, Jess. Things didn’t sound like they went to plan :/ Personally I don’t like spas so I wouldn’t pay for this and even if I didn’t I still wouldn’t…would rather be out and about exploring the canyon and the surrounds 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, You are quite right, some outdoor activities would be better use of the money. We had free spa at the hotel and this one with its dark background (can’t see the views) aren’t any better. We have nice natural hot spa in Rotorua that only cost a fraction of what we paid for Onsen. Spas are nice during winters. 😊

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