Tropical Paradise but no Envy

In my previous blog, I wrote that I was so pleased with de Brueys’ Crème Liquer, Envy.  The one little sip we had at that boutique winery in Mareeba lingered in my mouth with the sweet fragrance of honeydew.

Two nights ago, I craved to get a sip but got a shock when I opened the bubble wrap and found Tropical Paradise instead.

Such a shame, a Tropical Paradise but no Envy.

Tropical Paradise wasn’t even in my tasting list.  I am not a great fan of coconut oil or coconut drink.  Coconut is full of abundance in my home country.

Furthermore, I already have a bottle of New Zealand Wild Clover Liquer with a hint of coconut in my fridge.  That nice after-dinner drink (14%) alcohol is selling at NZ$24 each.  I must have got mine during a food show or market as I still have the cost sticker which said $20 each.


Le Brucey’s Crème Liquer (18% alcohol) sell at A$35 each.  We bought a bottle of Envy and another of their Coffee Temptation and carried them so preciously all the way home only to find that Envy was not there !  Some Tropical Paradise took its place.

What a disappointment.  I am now craving so badly for that honeydew taste in my mouth.  If I am a dog (like my Toby), I would have drooled then, at the thought of Envy and not having any made me growl !


Coffee Temptation is similar to Baileys and it won’t be so bad if that was mistakenly wrapped for someone else.  I could easily grab a bottle of Baileys or our local NZ Canterbury Cream anywhere.

I emailed the winery and they apologized for the mistake and said (in their own words)

Are you back to New Zealand now?

Maybe next time when you come to Australia again, we can give you a new bottle of Envy.

Please feel free to let me know what you think about that.

A nice gesture but for me to receive their offer of a ‘new bottle of Envy’, I would have to fly four hours to Cairns and drive an hour to Mareeba not counting having to take annual leave, the time and the cost involved.

Let’s see if they are kind enough to ship me a bottle or else the mere thought of that smooth honeydew liquer in my mouth (or more the thought of not being able to taste it) may make me drool again.

Me and my love for food.  I often feel irritated if my cravings are not met. 
Are you such a foodie like me? 

via Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth
– Time for Envy to travel in a packet and on a plane and see the Earth (World).

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