A rainy day at Hamilton Gardens

It was predicted to rain yesterday in Hamilton.  The weather forecast reviewed 40% rain and a cloudy day.

We decided to proceed to Waikato Balloons, rain or shine as planned.


Our first stopover was at the coal town, Huntly.  The Huntly Power Station is a distinctive landmark alongside the Waikato River, visible from many parts of the town and beyond.

A visit to Hamilton is not complete without a stroll at Hamilton Gardens.  The gardens are beautiful and green, rain or shine. You can visit Indian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, English or Modernist Gardens and many more without having to fly to those countries.  How amazing, thanks to Hamilton Gardens.

That was one Saturday well spent.

The weather wasn’t too unkind to us.  Everyone came home happy.



2 thoughts on “A rainy day at Hamilton Gardens

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