The Greatest

I am a human and can only think like a human.

Every human being strive to live well.  Most, if not all people strive for success.

Some extremists want to be the greatest, the number one.

Achievement and success go hand-in-hand.  How great it feels to be an achiever.

To one person, success may be …. to be a good (and greatest) mother to her kid, whom in her eyes is the greatest kid in the world.

To another, success is to build an empire and make lots of money striving to be amongst the greatest and the richest.

When one is contented, one is be happy.  When one is happy, one feels great.  Everything he or she has is the greatest in the world – her kid, her pet, her husband, her favourite apron,  her old T-Shirt …………… they are all her greatest.

Who in the world is the greatest?  Or who do you recognise as the greatest?

Alexander, the Great because he is a conqueror.

A conqueror is someone who conquers his own weakness.

The greatest one is He who won his own battle.

via Tell us something or someone that you want to recognize as the greatest.

PS.  My dog thinks that I am the greatest !


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