Magical moment

It’s summertime.
Longer day light.
The sea water warms up.

How wonderful is a dip in the sea.
Splash, swim, soak, having fun.
Or just relax and let the water be your bed.

Lying afloat looking up in the clear blue sky.
The vast sky with fluffy white clouds above you.
With gentle waves caressing you as you lay.

Such magical moment.
A natural therapy.
Clear blue skies, white clouds, gentle waves.

Look around you and indulge.
The best moments in life can be free.
Look towards our beautiful nature for a carefree life.


What’s your magical moment?
A treat or retreat of any sort?

2 thoughts on “Magical moment

  1. How do I order instant kolo mee from with you?? I want to send them to my friends over at kedah. Does it come with the sauce?? And taste like the original kolo mee??

    Whatsapp me 0168928484

    • Hi Alister
      Thank you for visiting my blog. I do not sell, only eat and blog. 🙂 If you are in Kuching, you can by the Instant Kolo mee which is available along most of the shops in Padungan Street. The pack comes with noodles and sauce but of course it is similar but not as authentic as the fresh ones. I cook mine by adding black vinegar, cooking wine, a dash of sesame oil and fish sauce. Still as yummy.

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