Waiting in anticipation

The year is drawing to a close soon.

My free blog space on Little Girl Story is running low, so low that I have only under 2% of free space left.

I recently started a sequel blog at Little Borneo Girl which is still waiting in anticipation for followers.  Very soon, I may no longer be able to blog through Little Girl Story (without having to migrate to my own domain) which may take time, cost and efforts.  So hoping to do away with frustrations and technical clichés or my lack of know-how,  I have taken the easy way out to start another free blog.

In the meantime,  please click here to follow Little Borneo Girl.

While Little Borneo Girl waits for followers, the world waits in anticipation for the festive season and a new year with new beginnings.

Merry Christmas from New Zealand !

6 thoughts on “Waiting in anticipation

    • Getting away from WordPress would be like starting from scratch for me, especially after getting used to the WP system. Anyway, I only blog for fun and not too often so I guess I’ll stay with WP for the time being. I enjoyed reading your blog, David but being on different platform, I don’t get to see you in my ‘reader’ . Thanks for the link. Will be visiting now and again as I can’t just ‘follow’ you.

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