Finding your place

Where are you from?
Where are you originally from?

I was born in Kuching,  grew up in Kuching (Malaysia) and Singapore.
I now live in Auckland (New Zealand) and have been for over a decade.

It doesn’t matter whether I live in Kuching or Auckland.
It isn’t about which country makes me feel most at home.

My place is my solace.
My place is where all or most of my belongings are.

My place may not necessarily be my home.
My home is where my family is but my family is all over the world.

I may have a house, a place which sometimes doesn’t seem like home.
Home equates people close to you.

Life is a vagabond.
Children grow up and they leave their nest.

Neither my country of birth or the country I live in seem to be my home.
When there are no loved ones, there is no home.

But wait !

I do have a pet.
A dog that I love to bits.

Is that place now a home?

As long as there is a place, a solace, life goes on …………………

I have found my place where I call home.


A place you once loved is no longer the same. Why?

9 thoughts on “Finding your place

  1. Love this poem, Jess. Home is wherever we may be, and hope you and your dog are as close as ever. Hope he gets some treats this season 🙂 Home for me is ambivalent – I can feel at home anyplace where I am so long as I feel safe and happy 🙂

  2. I am a Chinese hakka ngin. I visited China 3x; did not feel at home there. I lived for 50 yrs in Malaysia as a pendatang; oso did not feel at home. So, I moved to NZ 20 years ago. Strangely, now I definitely feel more [at home] living among strangers in Hamilton!

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