A week’s break and bonding time

Living in NZ, the closest overseas short break is, of course, Australia.

So last weekend I joined the crowd, How’s it going, mate?

Have been to Sydney lots of times, not that I would choose Sydney for a holiday venue but it is central to meet with overseas family and friends, likewise, Melbourne, Brisbane or Gold Coast.  A break and bonding with my sister and her family while Sydney celebrates its Vivid Lights.

There were good and bad things to share during the week’s trip.

The bonding and togetherness were perfect though we did not stay in the same hotel but the two days out of six was quality time spent.

The bad thing was the highlight of the trip which was supposed to be the Vivid Cruise but the cruise company changed vessel at the last minute and we probably got a smaller vessel or something else which was rocking all the way for 90 minutes.  We were on the open deck and those plastic tables and chairs were moving so much and my poor sister ended up moving to the bottom deck, though a bit comfortable but she still got sea sick.  I don’t even think the food was similar to what they listed when we bought the tickets.  Anyway, the trip was a torture than a treat.

On a nicer note, I walked around circular quay and got to enjoy the lights better that way, though hungry and ended up with a late night dinner.  My poor sister got so sick that she threw up and went back with her family to the hotel !

Regardless, I am still inspired by the curves in Sydney and that is perhaps the reason why I kept going back there even though there are many nicer cities in Australia for holidays.  My favourites being Tasmania and Adelaide and its surrounds.

Aussies, we Kiwis still love you, mates.  Do you love us, bro?


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