Numbers $10

As many are having the day off work, celebrating the Queen’s birthday, I read two very nice stories and thought I’d share.

First there was an article about an Auckland University student who lost his wallet in central Auckland he didn’t think he would see it again. But it was returned the next day with a $10 note.


A message from Kathryn Murphy to Taniora Ngatai after she found his wallet. She put a $10 note with the message saying ” Here’s a hot chocolate on me… stay warm during winter! Best of luck for exams, enjoy your last week of semester ” picture supplied via facebook.


Another article was when Samson Faulafo and his friends pointed out to a family they’d dropped a $10 note at Denny’s, they didn’t expect anything in return.

But the grateful family took them by surprise and paid the trio’s $52 bill, giving them the docket with the note: “Thank you for your honesty. God bless.”


Somsung Da Mamona , with the Denny’s bill that someone else paid for .
Image via facebook.


It’s the start of winter in New Zealand, let’s make it a new season for giving.


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4 thoughts on “Numbers $10

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  2. Two heartwarming stories. Love the love around in NZ. Even a smiling face on the receipt. Hope you enjoyed the holiday, Jess. Here in Melbourne we get the public holiday next Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

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