Never again to one-pot recipe

One-pot recipe.  Seen them everywhere on facebook, pinterest and elsewhere.

I am especially tempted on cooking pasta in one pot.  Thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea as the method of throwing everything into one pot will save me having to boil the pasta in separate bowl.

I tried once with fresh pasta, cooked marinara pasta.  Alas, the pasta ended up with ‘no bite’ and although I hate wasting food, I had to throw the rest away after a couple of days.  What a waste to those otherwise fresh seafood.

Most would have given up.  Once bitten twice shy, but not me.  I could not resist to try it once more, this time with dry macaroni.

Today’s cooking was pumpkin with corned beef soup with a glass of pinot noir.  Tasted deliciously rich and creamy till I added the dry macaroni.  The end result was more macaroni than soup.  Again there was ‘no bite’ to the macaroni even though I added it right at the very end and simmered for only a short time.

Oh well, this time I won’t waste the leftovers.  I guess they will make good fillings for pastries or pies.

If I dare to try a third time (after saying ‘never again to one-pot recipe’), I believe the pasta should only be cooked for a very short time, even though they may not be cooked right through, the hot soup will continue to cook the pasta even after the heat is turned off.  That’s what I learnt after two failed attempts !



Who likes cooking one-pot recipe, anyone?


3 thoughts on “Never again to one-pot recipe

  1. 🙂 It is true, pasta always needs to be undercooked. 🙂 Good luck next time!
    Dajena ❤

    • Hi Dajena,
      I am now tempted to try cooking pasta in one-pot again! Indeed, they need to be undercooked. The rule I now learned is to add the pasta, stir and switch off the stove. Keep the pot covered and the heat and steam from the soup will cook them, I supposed.

      • Yes!! I have tried that way too 😀 great idea Jess! 🙂
        Dajena 😀

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