Dining with strangers

I thought being a foodie has all the blend such as love, connection, passion, thankfulness, satisfaction, courtesy all in one bag.  For the love of food, I aim to connect the community and neighbourliness through my cooking.

‘Dining with strangers’ as the reporter bluntly wrote is perhaps so true.  In fact, I was hoping that opening my house for dine-in will bring the normal ‘let’s go out for dinner’ into another level.  Not a typical restaurant with separate tables but just one table in a home where diners sit down to share a meal and engage in conversation.

In fact ‘Dine with Locals in a Home Restaurant’ is already happening all over the world.  I had been busy last couple of weeks trying to bring this foodie connection into New Zealand starting with my neighbourhood.  I hosted what I called an ‘inaugural degustation dinner’ at my home on 18 Feb 2016, invited a representative from our local community press and a few friends.

Our pretty reporter was polite and came with a bottle of wine (a NZ custom when you are invited to a home dinner) and a photographer who took hundreds of photographs both on the food and me.  He was all serious and I guess I won over the food because there was only me in the published article without the food.

I was hoping that through the press, I could communicate to the community that here is someone who hope to create neighbourliness through food.  As strangers sat down for dinner that night, some tend to talk a lot more than others and one seemed to lead the conversation astray (from my objective). Our guest of honour was pretty quiet and I sensed she probably could not understand why I could open my home to some strangers.

Today the article came out and  inevitably, it was very opinionated and even had a food rating.  Wow, I did not expect that but a score of 6/10 was like a hole in my cooking bag and loosing some of my lovely blends.  I wasn’t expecting to be a top 50 Auckland Restaurant, I am just someone who cooks with love in her heart and one who hope to connect the community in friendship through the food.

As my website puts it, if you can cook, come cook with us, if you are looking for homecook nutritious meals, we are just a click away.  If you want to do something different other than going to a local or new restaurant, come dine-in with us.  We may be strangers but perhaps we could walk away being acquaintances and one day be friends.

Join Fusion Homechef and dine with a difference.  Come dine or cook with us.


“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chavez

Thank you to Natalie Brittan and Wayne Martin of Pakuranga Times for the article.  

4 thoughts on “Dining with strangers

  1. Congrats on the article, Jess. That is wonderful, and so nice to see you doing something that you love. I am sure the reporter was used to eating different kinds of food, and that the other guests enjoyed it very much 🙂

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