I am totally stressed out !

Is there any geek out there who can help me design a business website?

Trying to turn my hobby into a business is no easy task!

I would like to do something like this but all I could managed after countless hours was only this.

To know what I mean, you have to click here and click there.

Still puzzled?

Please don’t let me stress you out too !


3 thoughts on “I am totally stressed out !

  1. Hi Jess,
    Maybe you don’t have to make a separate web site , and all the time and stress of keeping it up to date.
    Why not use Facebook ?
    Have a search for Jean’s Private Kitchen or Jean Pkitchen , or Jean Pierre Food Wine & Entertainment, as examples .
    Easy to use and maintain for you , and everybody is at ease with Facebook , then if you really need do a website later .

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