Sunny day at the Botanical Gardens

I started another blog as a ‘branch’ to littlegirlstory which has very little free space left. Please join Toby & Me at the Auckland Botanical Gardens.


It was a scorching hot day.

My favourite person (he’s four legged so let’s say a dog-person) and I were both ever so optimistic to explore the park which hosted the 5th biennial Sculpture in the Garden.  

He had his tongue out the whole time while I had my camera clicking away.

Late last year, I was considering early retirement and spend more time at my birth county but after three weeks away, my four-legged favourite person got into trouble so I came running back.  Perhaps he was being naughty to get attention and he certainly got his way !

That’s in answer to ‘What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.’ via Daily Prompt My Favourite

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