Top of South Island – Day 3

Although renowned for its wildlife, Kaikoura’s combination of alpine and coastal scenery makes a uniquely beautiful place for hiking and guided walks. We had intended to do the short Peninsula Walk hoping to see more seals but the rain continued through the night.

Day 3 – 2/1/16

Kaikoura – Blenheim – Picton – Nelson
It wasn’t a sunny day, in fact it was still drizzling when we left Kaikoura going to Blenheim, Picton and then Nelson.  I was (and still am) craving for crayfish and a greater disappointment awaited us when the so much talked-about ‘crayfish, freshly cooked and wrapped in newspaper’ from Nin’s Bin was closed for the day.


Driving on, we stopped at Ohau Point Seal Colony for that New Zealand’s most accessible Seal Watching experience. The carpark was directly off State highway 1 and the seals were right there waiting for us.  Amazing !  Yes, lots and lots of seals.  Happy seals, happy feet ! It’s definitely a must to stop by this place. Nature at its best !


Our next stop was cherry picking in the rain.  Unfortunately I failed to take a photo of the name of this farm.   They charged $12.50/kg pick-your-own which was very reasonable.  Highly recommended (if you keep a look out, you probably won’t miss it).


Arriving Blenheim, we stopped for lunch at Raupo, an award winning café located in the heart of Blenheim overlooking the Taylor River.

IMG_5951Blenheim is one of New Zealand’s most famous wine producing regions.  We chose to visit Wither Hills Winery which is one of my favourite winery.  Wither Hills lies at the heart of this natural abundance. The winery is named after the imposing Wither Hills ranges, which form a dramatic backdrop to the vineyards which enjoy long sunlight hours, cool nights and are nourished by the waters of the Wairau River.

DSC08645We then continued our journey into Picton, a short 30 minutes drive.  Picton is more than just where you get off the ferry to travel to South Island.  We strolled along the waterfront with its crystal clear waters and saw sting rays swimming right up to the water edge.  It was too late to take a water taxi out to Queen Charlotte Sound and furthermore we could not see much of the scenery in that kind of wet and cloudy weather.  

DSC08682On a fine day, the road trip from Picton to Nelson along the Queen Charlotte Drive through to Havelock would have travellers marvelled at the beautiful scenery.  We went through this coastal route which was a mistake as the road was windy and slow.

We finally reached Nelson bringing along with us the rain all the way from Kaikoura and retired into our motel which had full kitchen facilities.  I took the role of Masterchef and prepared an exquisite room service dining for us all, sipping Pinot Noir with Butter Lamb and Basmatic Rice.

The next day, we went touring Nelson.    Watch out for this space to join us on our adventure.  To be continued ……………………………….



The trip today deserves more than a B+ if not for the bad weather – via Daily Prompt B+


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