Insomnia – Why?

Tonight my smart mind refused to relax when my body wanted to sleep.

Time Check 5.37 am so I gave up lying in bed loaded my blog and wrote on this topic… insomnia ……… why I can’t sleep tonight.

The ‘culprits (except a new angel)’ that kept me awake are :

  1.  Financial concern – Trying to figure out how to consolidate my account so that I can loan a friend when I have no loose change myself.  By hook or by crook, I must be Santa Claus or at least his Elf to loan him some money as he truly deserves some cash to repay debts and have a nice Christmas.
  2. Watching my regular online Korean drama, chapters after chapters, with such mysterious endings that you want to keep  watching, snoozed a bit and tried to stay awake hence ruined the sleep.
  3. Being a busy body to read news on Facebook and saw condolence messages pouring in to a 47 year old acquaintance so life is never to be taken for granted.  RIP to the young man taken away from us so soon and stay strong to the affected family.

Now you tell me how I can get back to sleep, even taken a couple of sleep pills … I feel a bit groggy now but writing my blog may be culprit number 4.  My inner smart mind  is taking charge to stay awake, the birds are chirping and nice fragrance from the morning dew and lights of the sunrise slowing creeping through my curtains.  The bonus is I am not working and I can sleep all morning.

Time check now is 6.01am….. Goodnight and good morning to all the nice people out there in the blogosphere.   Thank you for reading and being ‘with me’ in this wild hour (at least for me).

Rockabye baby, sweet dreams, seep well and good health .  Christmas is round the corner.  The are many struggling singles or families who need some help.  In fact they don’t even need to ask, or at least try to be observant (as many are shy to ask),  you’ll never know you can be Smart Santa and his elves to make things a little better for those around you.

Christmas is giving and sharing.

Good night (or good morning).

Bedtime ………………… hope to snooze snooze soon.

Someone close reached to out to me…… I blogged about this as it kept me awake. …

It all started from insomnia to  calling for the joy of sharing this Christmas with those  in need,  cash or deed, in words or time to those may be a little needy or lonely, not only money but time and company.  .

We know there are many in need in the world but look around you, your community and the people around you.  Help your local community, neighbours, flatmates, family or friends before helping those afar.

Thank you for being there for me and reading this blog that kept me awake !



When I read my own blog this morning. Time Check 2pm. I think this blog jives with Daily Prompt : Life Line.

Funnily enough, I believed I am the passenger, the palm reader all in one. I typed a message half asleep (or half awake) to myself and the blogosphere.  Has this got something to do with life line?


Food for thought,
another day, another time,
another story to be shared……….

Please share your thoughts.

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