I don’t want ………to sleep alone

Want a better night’s sleep?

Share your bed with a pet

A study of dog owners found more than half let their pets share their beds. Photo / Getty
A study of dog owners found more than half let their pets share their beds. Photo / Getty

Do you have trouble sleeping?

A new study has found having a pet in the bedroom could be the answer to a better night’s sleep.

A recent study of 23, 000 dog owners found more than half of them let their canines sleep on their beds.

Amazing but true !  What are your thoughts ?


12 thoughts on “I don’t want ………to sleep alone

  1. I have trouble sleeping a lot. I always feel hyped up at night, and find it hard to unwind. But these days with work being very busy, I fall asleep much more faster 😀 Hope you are well, Jess 🙂

    • Sweetie, I read your latest blog. It’s so neat and organized like you (though we have never met but that’s how you portrayed to me through your blog). I think I read that smart people are more prone to have difficulty falling asleep. I guess the body wants to sleep but the smart self inside is unwilling. Hope you get some rest or a break now the holidays are coming. 🙂

      • Thanks, Jess. I am very neat and OCD outside of my blog…so you are spot on. And it took me so long to write that post. Only finished it yesterday 😀

        I like that – smart side wanting to be awake and keep productive. Rest is always good. You rest well too 🙂

  2. Never slept without my pets in the bed (would be rather hard with my fishes anyways right now or the rabbits who just “let it go” without control…)
    Though my family had dogs when I was a baby I don’t remember much of them except on chewing on the ears of one of them 🙂

  3. My doggy sleeps in our bedroom…on our bed! As much as I love her, I wish we hadn’t gotten her used to the bed…it’s really cramped!! And no, I definitely don’t sleep better. But I am willing to live with it now 🙂

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