My Saturday Treat

This Saturday, I had a sleep in and started the day with high tea indulgence followed by wine tasting of various European wine.

Nothing comes free.

What was supposed to be a free invitation (with free gift just for attending) ended up with hard selling trying to get each of us to buy a whole case of twelve bottles.  We didn’t get the free gift of a guitar shaped bottle worth $49 so it was definitely a sales gimmick.  We wanted to buy two bottles only but in the end after lots of negotiation on the number of bottles to buy, he let us off after we bought five bottles.  

Before this purchase, I had just purchased online a case of twelve bottles of New Zealand Pinot Noir.  Looks like my wine cellar is totally full now for the summer up to Christmas, at least.

Cheers to Christmas coming up soon !

high tea

Treats and indulgences can take many forms. Share yours with us!

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