I stumbled upon Accidental Nomad’s post about my hometown Kuching.

Her amazing post included a gallery of these beautiful orchids which reminded me of our huge greenhouse at our old family home years ago. My 3 Ko (third aunt) had such green fingers with planting orchids.  Although I have no old photographs to share, memories of those are still fresh in my mind.

Thank you, Carolyn of Accidental Nomads for sharing these lovely photos, nice reminiscent of my childhood.  How blessed am I to have grown up amidst a lovely orchid garden.

Photo credits Accidental Nomads

Click here to visit Sarawak Orchid Centre via Trip Advisor

5 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. Orchids are wonderful flowers especially as they seem the only ones which survive with me and in fact do rather well. In Finland we had many orchids around the apartment and they usually bloomed whole summer long and then again somewhen during late winter.
    Due to moving to Germany we had leave nearly all behind and now we have only a handful of them in our new home 😦

  2. Beautiful orchids, Jess. I remember seeing them quite a bit in Malaysia by the roadsides and even in pots in shopping centres. They bloomed all year round with bright, vivid petals 🙂 Here in Australia, I don’t see them too often 😦

  3. Growing up in an orchid garden seems like a heavenly childhood.
    Is it just coincidence that the two other previous commenators on this post have a Chinese connection?? 🙂

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