Supercharge your site

I am running low in storage on this site as you can see that I am using free WordPress.  Perhaps it is high time I get my own domain name and ‘supercharge’ my blog.

Can those of you who had supercharged your blog please give me some tips?

If you were on a free site before and upgraded to get your own domain name, what are the implications in terms of readership and site maintenance?

Is it easy enough to migrate from the free site to a paying one?

Will all the readers automatically get directed to the new supercharged site?

WordPress has been telling me to

Blog, supercharged: get your own domain name, powerful customization options and lots of space for audio and video.

4 thoughts on “Supercharge your site

  1. Sorry to hear you are running low on space, Jess :/ I’m definitely far from that, though I’ve my own domain name and paid for the custom CSS upgrade. In fact, I just found out about WP Supercharging yesterday. To save WP space, I tend to resize my photos before I upload them. Maybe that might help. Or you could buy extra space on WP 😊

  2. Right now I am still using the free version except my own domain name. However I guess I will run out of space also by the beginning of the next year. Perhaps I might migrate to but I will see if it’s really necessary for such a small blog as mine.
    Anyways there are many article about migrating your blog and how to maintain your readership etc, I only checked about it shortly some time ago but it will definitely help you if you decide to move

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