What do you do with leftovers?

Sitting at my office desk during my lunch break, reading the NZ Herald, the article by Shelly Bridgeman on ‘What do you do with leftovers’ caught my interest.

Shelly Bridgeman is a writer with NZ Herald writing on ‘dwelling on injustices, bad behaviour and modern day dilemmas’.

Leftovers.  Ummmmmmm, it’s a common term if not a daily one for me.  I don’t mind leftovers as they are good for lunch or could be modified into an entirely different meal, toppings for pizza for another dinner.

I thought I’d be reading on what to do with leftovers but the article left me flabbergasted.

This is how the article started …………………..

It was my daughter’s 12th birthday and we’d been allowed to bring in a cake to share for dessert at Havelock North’s friendly Thai restaurant. The six of us managed to eat only half of it. The maître d’ brought us the box the cake had arrived in case we wanted to take it away.

“You take the rest of it home,” said the person who had purchased the cake. I did a double take. Say what now? I hadn’t even had a slice for dessert. Why would I want to take it away with me? So many scenarios flashed through my mind. Only one of them involved losing all willpower, scooping up the remains of the cake with my bare hands and shovelling it into my mouth.

Anyway, knowing my luck, the cake would spill out onto the pavement as we walked down the street. ………………

Wow, I often thought if someone brought a cake (or a dish or wine) for a ‘bring a dish’ party, it’s simple courtesy they leave the dish for the hostess unless the hostess politely refused.  So that person was just being polite to offer the leftover cake, which most would certainly appreciate.  I am totally shocked at the writer’s response to this common courtesy.

There are lots of interesting responses to the article so scroll down below and click on the full article for your reading pleasure.

What a modern day dilemma indeed !

This article really made me cringe – putting down the cake that was gifted to you is one of many offensive things about this article – smacks of Marie Antoinette!

 Quote : Lynne Soljak – 03:58 PM Thursday, 26 Mar 2015



Shelley Bridgeman: What do you do with leftovers?

To read the full article, please click here.

3 thoughts on “What do you do with leftovers?

  1. I remember seeing that article. I wasn’t impressed. I love leftovers. I usually make extra dinner so we can take the leftovers for lunch the next day. Most of the things I cook (except seafood) make great lunches the next day. For that writer to turn her nose down on leftovers is showing she is both privileged and without a clue.

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