Loneliness is an empty (or interesting) feeling

Loneliness is an empty feeling.
It can happen even when you are in the company of many.
Deep inside you feel alone.
You lay awake at night while others are deep asleep,
you are overwhelmed with loneliness.

Do you know that we are not alone.
Daily visitors came into my blog through search engines
searching for ‘feeling lonely in a relationship’
or something to that effect.

Click here to read my post ‘Loneliness is an interesting feeling’
Perhaps it may give some comfort and inspiration
though some may doze off into a nice gentle sleep.
Yes, let sleep come and take away loneliness.

Do you ever feel lonely?


8 thoughts on “Loneliness is an empty (or interesting) feeling

  1. It’s true we all can feel alone even in the midst of others but the loneliness of age must be heartrending as those we know are gradually lost to us. Driving home the other week with my family I spotted an elderly woman, bent over, struggling to pull her trolley and could feel that sense of no one being there for her. So very sad. Family around the elderly must be the greatest of comfort.

    • I am all alone tonight and ‘loneliness’ visited so I began to think perhaps age has something to do with it. I thought the picture of my friend’s dog says it all… in fact doggie isn’t that old at all but an image of a white haired dog and the quote seems to carry the message across. Thanks for your comments, Scottishmomus.

      • I think we all need connection. Even if we enjoy alone time, which I do very much, there can be a disconnect within ourselves that then craves company. I’m rarely truly alone here but loneliness can still visit. Analysing it, it’s usually when I feel distanced or detached from myself in relation to the world, like a loss of focus. I often find routine (much as I enjoy a break from it) keeps me grounded, glad of the alone time but less likely to feel lonely. It is a strange sort of distraction when the disconnect is felt, then I just try to do things, practical things that can reground me. It may be different for everyone, I suppose, in when or why the feeling occurs and how we deal with it. I do know I like to shake it off as it debilitates me for being of any use to anyone, myself included. I sometimes see it as a depression, like the onset of a place I don’t want to return to. I’m probably overanalysing based on my own experiences of loneliness and/or depression when it occurs. I’m sure sometimes it’s just company that’s required to lift the blues. Then I need alone time again to recover from socialising!
        The dog makes a good point, as does the title, to that aspect of loneliness where perhaps it can be age-related. It’s certainly a subject that affects us all from time to time. And I’ve probably said way too much on the subject. :/
        Time to hold a dinner party? 🙂

      • Very true. Sometimes loneliness is a self creation. You isolate yourself (even in the company of others) and when disconnection happens, loneliness creeps in.
        Yes, a call for party time. Who”s bringing my favourite italian dish?

  2. Thankfully I don’t feel lonely these days anymore. When I was still single I felt lonely a lot, but not because I wanted a female partner but I wanted my friends always around. When I got together with my girlfriend (my wife…) I still felt lonley often as I had also less time to spend with my friends. Now, several years later I dont feel lonely anymore and in case I really do I just go to my son and cuddle him 🙂

  3. When I am alone, I usually pick up a book and start reading and then I forget about being lonely and then feel awesome again. If that fails, I just eat chocolate. Chocolate is life 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, that’s really funny. In fact I thought of reading a book too but never got to even open it. I did, however ended up snacking, chocs or whatever I could find in the pantry. 🙂 You have a nice day, Sweetie.

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