Where is home?

I had been away for a while, away from my blog, my home, my dog and everything else.  Last month, my life was a breeze (only there was no breeze where I was, only humidity and sweats).

It was time to make a change in my life, to find a base I could really call home.  In fact, I thought I’d already made that change but my dog spoilt it all.

I am back to square one.  😦

My property is on the market until someone is willing to pay the price. Experts predict Auckland median house price will break $1m mark in 18 months (reported from last month’s local daily).  My home sweet home had gone past the median but I still linger. The hammer did not come down. Is it the dollar value or the sentimental value that prolong my move?  Is buying a one way ticket leaving the land of the long white cloud flying to Kuching (meaning cat) not going home to stay?

Should I continue doing what I had been doing the past decades, all for the sake of a house and (more recently) a dog?  My current house is less than three years old though we had shifted houses several times.  The youngsters left their nest but my five (going on six) year old four-legged is a treasure who is most dependent on me.

My life change depends a lot on him and he on me.  I left my home, flew to my hometown but had to come back because of an incident he had.  My change became ‘no change’.  Now back to the same job, same desk, same house.

For how long?  I really don’t know. I feel like I am living in a suitcase.

Toby lashed out on a woman who claimed he ruined her $1,000 leather jacket and she couldn’t go to work hence asked for $500 off work fee and $75 medical fee because my dog ‘attacked’ her.  My son gave her my dog registration number but never took her contact number.  I prayed hard and decided to be proactive and reported to council, appealed to be put in touch with the ‘victim’.  She is now $1,600 richer and even kept the change.  I can’t deny Toby jumps and lurches at me when he is excited.  I too sometimes have bruises, scratches and holes in my merino pullovers.  I know he is misbehaving but to an owner, the dog is excited while to others he is violent.

For the last decades, life is about waking up in the morning, getting dressed for work and then home to cook dinner, or to socialize with acquaintances for a drink or two after work.

Evening time is about coming home to feed my kids, and now to feed my dog.  Night time is about watching Korean drama series, no matter how late.

I thought now in my golden age, it’s time for a change in my life and get out of the norm.  I look forward to the day where I can wake up as and when I want to, play a catch-me-if-can game with my dog in our own lifestyle block, no fear of reports of misbehaviour and worrying to death that someone will show up at my door to take him away.

I look forward to be my own home chef hosting meals for a new group of acquaintances or friends, perhaps.  Beach walking, smell the breeze, live the life with no shocking sound of alarm clock or rush hour traffic.

I am not in a rush……….. I will continue to dream…… till I find home.


What is home to you?
A mansion or a little house on a lifestyle block?


8 thoughts on “Where is home?

  1. So sorry to hear about the incident. It must have been very stressful for you on top of trying to sell your house 😦 Toby must have had a bad day or the woman might have provoked him, you never know.

    Home, that is such a sticky topic for us who have lived all over for a lot of our lives. I don’t dream of a big house or a big mansion. Not into the social kind of living either. I’m really happy living in a flat by myself in the city for the time being. But, I do wish I could wake up to no alarm clock each morning.

    • Living in an apartment can be nice a cosy but with a growing family, a house is nice to have. Wishing you all the best and saving heaps so you can beat the bank to own a house. My bank and me own my house. I dream one day, my Toby (dog) and me will have our own little house in the country where he can run freely and I no longer need to wake up each morning having to work to pay off the mortgage. 🙂

  2. Property price has been ridiculous in the past years in australia as well, and kuching as I heard. Thoughts of leaving Melb for Kuching has haunted me for the past months and I guess I had come to a clear conclusion. Do what makes you happy. Best of luck. Sorry to hear about that incident. I do hope that everything will be alright.

    • Kuching prices are going crazy too.
      Average price for double storey terrace houses are mid 500,000 and 800,000 to 900,000 ringgit for semi detached in areas like Tabuan Jaya, Stutong Jaya, Westwood and surroundings. I still think the weather makes it nicer to live in Melbourne or Auckland. I guess I just pray and God will show me the path. Happiness is key no matter where we are. Thanks for your comments on this topic.

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