How much would you pay for your coffee?

The New Zealand Herald reported that the flat white is a Kiwi favourite. My favourite is Cappuccino though at times I could have a Mochaccino or a Chai Latte.  I only go for regular size.

When talking (or writing) about ‘regular size’ I came across this interesting article below.

Coffee shops should stop offering drinks in “regular” size because nobody understands what it means, language campaigners have said.
The Plain English Campaign – which battles against the use of gobbledegook – says cafes should stop offering ”regular” coffees but merely ask customers if they want ”small, medium or large”

Click here to read more from The Telegraph.

The Herald carried out an unscientific survey across central Auckland yesterday to gauge cafe prices for a large flat white. Prices ranged from $3.70 to $6.

I agreed with Coffee expert Tom Handiside, a manager at Italian espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco, who said bigger was not necessarily better.  A good flat white shouldn’t be more than 200ml, he said.

“The best flat whites come in smaller cups and that’s because the coffee and milk blends nicely in a smaller serve.”

How much would you pay for your morning fix?

Do you go for a small, regular (medium) or large?

5 thoughts on “How much would you pay for your coffee?

  1. I only buy a coffee about once a week and I expect to pay $4 to $4.50 for a cup. Anything more than that and I’d be annoyed and never return.

    All coffees in New Zealand are served double shot. I think we’re so used to it that single shot coffees taste really weak and when we travel, single shot, badly made coffees taste yucky!

  2. Small. And purchasing price depends on where you are at (the airport) and how desperate you are (the airport). If it is considered a treat, too. Because I rarely buy coffee, I normally have a cup at home.

  3. I never was up to pay much money for a coffee. During my university time I bought once a day a big coffee (0.3l) at the cafetria for 1.60Euros and thats it. However outside the university property the same coffee would have costs me 5 Euros!
    In Germany I only buy coffee when eating some breakfast somewhere and its usually a big cup (0.3l) for roughly 2-3 Euros, depending on the city 🙂

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