It’s all about Sarawak Laksa

Wish I am back to my hometown Kuching.

I could perhaps be eating Sarawak Laksa, sitting at the next table to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

Sarawak Laksa made it to Anthony Bourdain’s 12 Must-Try Street (Hawker) Food.

– article by Hungry Go Where, The Malaysia Insider



KUCHING: Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is in town. He bought everyone breakfast, again at Choon Hui Kopitiam, on Friday, May 29, 2015.



Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.
– Anthony Bourdain

12 thoughts on “It’s all about Sarawak Laksa

  1. I’m wondering if that laksa was spicy and if Mr Bourdain ate up every last noodle. That Kopitiam is sure to be famous if it’s not yet already. Hope you’re having a good weekend, Jess 🙂

    • No, laksa are only mildly spiced, Mabel. Have you not ever tried them, even the curry laksa which I am sure you could get in Melbourne? I hope you are enjoying the long weekend too. 🙂

      • We do have curry laksa in Melbourne, but I’ve never tried it. Someday 🙂 We get the long weekend next weekend. This week was just another ordinary week 😀

  2. halo bro….yes LAKSA saya sangat suka pernah mencoba di malaysia di sekitar wilayah bukit bintang….rasanya mirip2 gado2 tapi agak asam karena ada bumbu lain..betulkah,,salam

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