Summer Fun with free music in parks

Summer is a busy one for New Zealand, a full calendar jam packed with major sports events, international stage shows, cultural festivals and big-name concerts.

Amongst the many activities are Music in Parks (and Movies in Parks),  free outdoor concerts (movies) held across the region where you can enjoy with friends or the entire family.

Last Sunday, we had Ben Portsmouth from United Kingdom performing.  He looked like Elvis, sang like Elvis, and had an on stage charisma that had audiences believing at times they were watching the King himself.

We have a few more weeks of enjoyment in the outdoors before daylight savings end and the clock goes back by an hour on April 5, 2015.


Sea, Sun, Sand, Sights & Sounds.

Are you enjoying time out in the sun?


ELVIS elvis1



7 thoughts on “Summer Fun with free music in parks

  1. That looked like a very fun concert, Jess. Ben Portsmouth really does look like Elvis, the white suit really fits him well 😀 I am certainly enjoying my time outdoors but it’s getting colder already. Summer was very mild in Melbourne and it almost didn’t feel like summer. Hope you’re enjoying the last of the warm weather. Maybe have another ice-cream too 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, the days temperature are still hot here between 26 to 28 degrees at times but night are below 20. We still see long queues for Movenpick. Yes, let’s cheers to ice creams !! 🙂 🙂

      • 26 to 28 degrees…that is very warm. How I love to have some weather like that now. It’s half that in Melbourne these days. I prefer New Zealand Natural ice-cream over Movenpick ice-cream 😀

      • We have Movenpick and NZ Natural on the same street but the queue is longer at Movenpick. I read that NZ Natural is doing so well overseas especially China. I have a whole big tub of NZ Natural at home and only go out for Movenpick as a treat. I believe NZ Natural is the ‘healthier choice’ as it is not as sweet. 🙂

      • I never really occurred to me that NZ Natural is not as sweet as Movenpick. I’ve always felt Movenpick ice-cream doesn’t have a strong ice-cream taste or strong flavours compared to other ice-creams.

        I am sure when I do visit, there will be a big tub of ice-cream in the fridge for me 😀 Dinner will be on me!

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