Reward is love and care for all

My friends were talking about a meetup group known as ‘Free Vegetarian Lunch’.  I am certainly not a vegetarian and being a foodie I love to try all sorts of food.  So I gave up lazing in bed on this nice Saturday morning to see what this ‘Free Vegetarian Lunch’ is all about.

My friend and I turned up at the venue right on time.  The venue was a nice, volunteers who managed the place were extremely nice and friendly.  We waited for an hour but still no lunch.  In the end, we left and went for Yum Cha instead.

So the reward?

Certainly not the free vegetarian lunch but we learned about their passion.

Mission of Charity
“Educating the rich to help the poor; inspiring the poor to realize their riches”

Here’s a song they shared with us.

Reward is love and care for all.



Tzu Chi, which means “compassionate relief” in Chinese, was founded in 1966 by Taiwanese Buddhist nun Cheng Yen, then 29, to do relief work around the world; it now has branches in 47 countries.


What does reward mean to you?

via Reward.

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