Jandals or Slippers

I used to call them slippers.
Today I call them jandals.
You may call them sandals.
Others call them thongs or flip-flops.

They are a type of open-toed sandals
with a Y-shaped strap made of rubber.
A kind of footwear fondly worn
by people all over the world.

I read today
‘Officials toe the line as fence of jandals removed’.
Some people see it as rubbish
while others like me thought what a pity.


What do you think of the removal of a mysterious jandal fence from the base of Mount Maunganui?  Click here to check out the full story.


6 thoughts on “Jandals or Slippers

  1. I think that who ever removed it better be the owner of the fence. It’s not what the community wants. People add to the work because they like it and want to contribute and be a part of something larger than themselves.

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