Dog found Hog

hog again

Dog found Hog again!

When I came home, I heard him barking in a strange way. Immediately I knew, Dog found Hog again!  This time, I think he killed the hog. It was in his mouth and the poor hog was motionless.


It’s past 10pm and I was in the lounge with the TV on but my eyes were focused on my mac. I wonder when I would ever get tired of staring at screen all day. Isn’t staring at that screen in the office enough ….. ummmm perhaps I should declare a ‘computer free day’ one of these fine days.

Toby was barking away. He shot out from my bedroom to the back door into the garden and barked his head off.

Still glued to my lazy boy, I ignored him but the barks continued and I sort of sensed what he was barking at.  If it was a cat, he would be running wild and chasing it but he stayed on the same spot and he was digging the ground.

I went out to the garden for a closer look and sure enough, ‘dog found hog’.

Toby was all excited…

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