Prosperous Eight and Deadly Four

The Asians are generally a bunch of superstitious people. To them (or even to some other cultures), numbers play a big part in superstition. While the number eight (8) is considered lucky, the number four (4) is a number to be avoided all because of the way ‘four’ is pronounced in Cantonese, Hokkien or Mandarin. The tone is very similar to the word ‘death’ hence is considered an unlucky number.

The Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation for ‘eight’ is “baat” or “ba” which sounds similar to “fatt” meaning prosperity. Therefore the number eight is a very sought after number for car plate, house, telephone numbers or even bank account with the hope to strike gold bearing that number.

I guess there is no proven data that anyone get rich from holding on to any ‘magic’ number. Personally, I would tend to believe that if you strike gold or got rich, it is due to sheer hard work or luck if you are the lucky one in a million lotto winner..

What is your lucky number or do you believe that some numbers are luckier than others?




12 thoughts on “Prosperous Eight and Deadly Four

  1. It’s crazy in China how many wealthy people try to get as many 8s as possible on their car registration plates and also on mobile phone numbers it is a common number.
    Lets see if we get in a future car a few 8s as well on the registration plates :p

  2. I don’t believe in lucky numbers, anything goes for me. The other day I was signing up to a mobile numbers and the Caucasian girl asked me if there was a particular number that I wanted, and she mentioned that some people are very choosy about numbers. I said no and so far my mobile plan is going well.

    Hope the week has been a good one for you, Jess. Friday tomorrow 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, I seem to like 6, 8, 9, 0 because they are curves and rounds (the way they are written) not because I believe they are luckier than any other numbers. I do not choose my car registration nor my house number. None of them have an 8. 😄 Hope you enjoy the weekend Sweetie.

  3. My mom is rather superstitious but I never seem to catch on. I’m not really crazy about numbers, EXCEPT when it comes to feng shui. So I have a tendency to add numbers up to see if it is a good number. For example, my apt number is 504 = 5+0+4=9 (good number).

    Interestingly, the number 5 in Thai sounds like “ha” so Thais often write 555 to mean “ha, ha, ha” 😛

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