Spread your love in a shoe box

As I clicked on my Reader, the picture of this lovely pink box with a ribbon came on my screen. It was a lovely gesture by our fellow blogger Shih Yen, whose blog is about shoes and everything about shoes. Not only did she wrapped her gifts in the shoe box but the idea of having a theme for each shoe box clearly reflected the love and the effort she put into the gift.

What better way it is than to fill up a shoe box with gifts as a present. It’s a loving way of giving and that is what Christmas is all about.  Certainly Christmas is a time of giving and sharing not only with those around us but with others that we have never met and will never see.  Perhaps it is a time to assure the less fortunate children that there is a Santa Claus in this world.

We have another three weeks to go and gather as many shoe boxes as you can find and fill them up with goodies and bring a smile to those near and far.  For those loved ones close to your heart, Christmas is not just a time of giving and receiving presents but a time of being present and spend the day with them, share a meal, a little laugh and a big hug.

For those whom we have never met, do something nice for someone out there, the other person doesn’t even need to know you did it.  Let’s spread love and joy to the world this Christmas.

This is an extract from Shih Yen Shoes blog.  Blessings to you for your sweet deed.

Recently, I heard about Operation Christmas Child for the first time, and the only reason it got my attention was because of the word ‘shoe box.’ The idea is to fill a shoe box full of gifts for a child. Somehow this concept really appealed to me because I think a shoe box is just the perfect size to store treasures. Since 1993, this charity has given more than 100 million shoe boxes of gifts to children in 130 countries. In the Australia and New Zealand region this year, the focus will be on children in Samoa.

via Shoe boxes and charity.


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