To knock or not to knock

Consumer NZ, a non-profit organization recently launched its ‘Do Not Knock’ campaign to fight back against pushy door-to-door sellers. The free stickers give people a simple way to tell traders they are not welcome and have been distributed through the Citizens Advice Bureau, budgeting services and community groups. More are in print to meet demand.

I live at the end of a cul-de-sac down a fairly long driveway. I still get the odd door knockers.  I have no door bell and thank goodness for that I missed some of those door knockers if I am in my bedroom, bathroom, garden or garage at the other end of the house unless my four legged buddy goes wild barking.  Unwelcomed visitors would knock on my door or ring my cast iron bell.  I have no intention to install a musical door bell.  I prefer the traditional vintage way to welcome a visitor.  You have to knock your way in.

The early visitors are definitely the courier post.  In the day you could get people coming round with a clip pad and quite often, they would tell you that were not selling anything and only wanted a few minutes of your time.  They were doing community surveys and urged you to participant.  Quite often I get visits from very rough looking men in dirty boots and garden clothes offering to trim or cut trees and tidy my garden.  My friends said I was ripped off for paying $450 for three hours of weeding when I could have got it done for half the price or even free of course if I were motivated enough to do it on my own and perhaps consider that as my exercise regime.

In evenings those door knockers would be utilities salesmen asking if you are happy with your electricity or phone providers giving you the impression they could offer something better.  These are the worst batch, most unwelcomed because they often call round when I had my curry cooking on the stove or my roast in the oven.

Sometimes on weekends you get people (mostly ladies) with flyers and greeting ‘bless you, Sister.  God is good.’   Amen.  Not only adults are door knockers, you sometimes get the kids round the block coming selling chocolates for their charity do.

The list goes on and on.  I work full time and socialize out a lot and this observation is made with the limited hours I spent at home.  I just wonder how many more and what kind of unwelcome visitors would I have missed out if I were a homemaker.

During the last state censor I did some work for the Statistic Department and went door to door delivering census papers.  I remembered one house had a sign with a picture of a baby that read :

‘Do not knock before 12noon. Baby sleeping’.

Now I must get hold of a sticker for my door.  There is no door bell to press and please ‘Do not Knock’.

Do you entertain door knockers?  What kind of door knockers do you get?



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