The art of sharing food

Chinese banquet are meant to be shared. Besides Asia, you can’t help noticing how people in Spain too love to share food. That’s where small plates and tapas came about. It’s all about sharing food. Patters to share are available in most European dining.

I love sharing food because you get to taste more varieties. It also gives a sense of closeness and connection especially if you are dining amongst family. Sharing food is a way of life for some cultures.

Recently my daughter and myself were in Wellington and looking for an Italian restaurant. The concierge suggested Ombra saying it is an Italian restaurant with a difference, not the typical pasta or pizza kind of dining. Indeed the place is a real find. Ombra’s food was a real revelation, something very different from a typical Italian restaurant. The menu has a variety of small plates for sharing.

Just some food for thoughts on food and sharing photos of our sumptuous meal.  We had four plates and a dessert to share.

Not talking about dining with strangers or acquaintances, do you often share your main with the family dining with you?  Are you tempted to have a taste of what the other person is eating or are you just happy to eat your own?  Are small sharing plates your kind of meal?


Ombra, a Ventian Bacaro


The Bar


Bellini & Peroni with a complimentary starter


Eggplant & mascarpone crostino Cicheti


Zucchinni, anchovies & mozzarella Pizzette


Duck Risotto


Beef, mushroom & kikorangi meatballs


Saffron & honey pannacotta for Dessert


16 thoughts on “The art of sharing food

  1. One of the things I actually miss about China is the big feasts with everyone getting stuck in with chopsticks, mounds of food and a continuous supply of Zhujiang beer. Heaven.

  2. I agree, it’s great to sample lots of different kinds of foods. When with a big group of friends, it’s boring to just eat what’s on your own plate!

    However, something bad about many Chinese restaurants is that they serve large dishes meant to be shared. I’m always having to seek out those other kinds of diners that offer single-dishes when I eat out alone after work, if not with a group…

    • A couple of small plates would be good for single diner. Agreed Chinese meals are in bigger portion and sometimes I ordered two dishes and doggy bag the rest. Totally agreed it’s boring eating a one huge plate sometimes.

  3. Interesting post, Jess. I am always tempted to have a taste of my companions’ food. I generally don’t go for small-sized sharing plates of food as they cost-wise they don’t usually add up. I prefer ordering two or three big dishes and sharing them around. Usually I eat alone. When I do want to try more than one dish and can afford it, I’ll buy two meals for takeaway and eat them as lunch and dinner 🙂

  4. Oh my that all looks so yummy! How are you doing and how is your little doggy? Still taking those walks and loving it I hope! I saw you and had to come see what you are up to! Huge hugs sweet friend!

    • Hi MichelleMarie, my lil baby isn’t that little anymore. He loves creeks and got himself all dirty yesterdayand I had to shower him after a walk especially on not so dry days. I have enjoyed all your posts and all the beautiful artwork. Huge hugs to you and Alex. 🙂 🙂

  5. Everything looks great! We only have one Italian place here, not including those others that do serve some pseudo-authentic pizzas and pasta, and thankfully, it’s pretty good. We would order a few items from the menu and then we will share – that way, everyone will get the chance to sample everything…even with friends, not just within my own family.

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