Homemade bread in three simple steps

Making bread with a bread maker is a breeze.

Cost wise, it may not necessarily be cheaper but the aroma of freshly baked bread from the kitchen is so satisfying. Sometimes, I added ingredients like grated cheese for cheese bread, nuts, grains or sesame seeds for specialty bread.

With this simple recipe, you get a fresh loaf in three steps.  The tip is all the ingredients must be put into the bread maker tin in that order.  The water must go in first then the flour.  Yeast goes in last.  Press the mode (most breadmaker is 4 for wholemeal) and then press ‘start’.  Baking time is 3 to 3.20 hours.

When the bread is ready, it is important to remove it from the bread maker or else bread will sweat and retain water and gets too heavy.  Store in cool place or fridge and will last for a week.

Do you make your own bread?




4 thoughts on “Homemade bread in three simple steps

  1. This is such an easy way of making bread. I don’t usually like cheese-infused bread but love it when there are seeds. Now I know I can pop by your place for breakfast when I visit New Zealand 😀

  2. As I live now again in Germany any self made bread just isn’t enough anymore. We have so many bakeries around with fresh bread every morning that I don’t even want to think about self made bread :p
    In finland we used to make ourselves bread from time to time as the bread there is pretty bad..

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