Writing 101 : Happy Chinese New Year

I could have been the writer here. 🙂 So many similarities on the culture and this authentic Nyonya dish and what it symbolizes.

Do you have a favorite childhood meal or treat that comforted you or has deep roots in your memory?


When I think of Chap Chai Te’ng (mixed vegetable soup) I think of Chinese (lunar) New Year.

As a child right through to my twenties as a young mother to three children, Chinese New Year meant new clothes and new shoes. My favourite day of the festival was the evening before new year. That’s when all the family came round for a banquet, the reunion dinner. The dish that symbolizes the occasion is my aunt’s specialty Chap Chai Te’ng cooked with chicken, prawn balls, fish balls, cabbage, vermicelli (glass noodles), bean curd sticks, black fungus (bok jee) in chicken soup. It is a dish of many mixtures although I have no idea why it is called Chap Chai when the only vegetable in the dish is cabbage.

This special dish, amongst other Nyonya authentic dishes that my aunt lovingly cooked for us showed her love for her family. The salt…

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