Verbal Confirmation

To be

To have

To think

To move

To hold

To love

To care


Someone has to be there

to do all these things.

It takes one to start

to make things happen.

Smile and pass it on

what a beautiful world

this is the place to be.


to be

Image credit Pugster Jewelry

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

via Verbal Confirmation.

6 thoughts on “Verbal Confirmation

  1. This is a lovely poem, Jess. “To move” grabbed me more than the others. To me, “to move” means always changing, always learning and growing. And becoming better people. Hope you’re having a good week, Jess. Been very busy myself, I hope things settle down soon. Miss chatting with you 🙂

      • More like using my time to take up other freelance writing projects. And resting from busy, busy work…more more hectic than the last job. But the other day I did do some book writing 🙂 Hope you have good plans for the weekend.

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