Mouth wide shut to Snails

A quirk is a strange habit or feature of someone’s character, or a strange feature of something.  I am a foodie and enjoy all sorts of food, not a particularly picky eater but I can be pretty unsatisfied when I do not get to eat what I craved for or the food ordered did not turn out as expected.

Here is the one thing I won’t touch or eat. Escargot a dish of cooked land snails, a French cuisine. The South East Asian snail dish is called Balitung or Siput Sedut (a species of sea snails or “mud creeper”).  If you like to suck, then go for those.  I hate snails and won’t have anything to do with them.



Mouths Wide Shut – Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

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22 thoughts on “Mouth wide shut to Snails

  1. I’ve eaten snails. They were unremarkable. I ate a few and let others finish the rest. I haven’t come across anything I wouldn’t at least try. As long as it is actually food and prepared properly, I will try it. For example, I’m not going into my backyard and eating the snails in my vegetable garden, though it would probably be good for my vegetables if I got into that habit!

  2. I have had snails because for some reason the boyfriend decided he wanted to try them so I did a little research to see who had snails on their menu here in KC and ok I ate a couple and may never eat them again as long as I didn’t think about what they really were it was pretty easy to go down, but it’s funny I won’t touch oyster’s even though I have tried them I don’t want anything that has oysters in there, so I understand how you feel about snails. 😀 and Thanks for following me.

      • HaHa……its funny you said chicken feet the boyfriend of course wanted to try some brought them over one night and I took one look and was like nope won’t be trying those things they looked so gross especially since I could see a toenail….ugh!!

  3. Ah man, snails are great! Escargot in loads of garlic butter. Yum. The oddest thing I ate was tarantula in Cambodia. Honestly, it tasted like hairy chicken.

    What I wouldn’t eat? Stinky tofu, man that stuff is horrific to smell let alone eat. But then the Chinese say the same thing about parmesan. 🙂

    • I have a phobia about snails and I will never even touch not to say eat them. Yes, I had forgotten about stinky tofu. That would be the third thing I won’t eat after snails/escargot/balitung, chicken feet then stinky toufu although most said they smell stinky but taste good. 🙂

      • A friend and I once accidentally ordered chicken feet in a small Thai roadside bar. I say accidentally, I mean drunkenly. To this day I maintain (mainly to my wife) that it was those that made me sick that night. Not the towers of Leo beer.

  4. Oh man! I tried some sort of sashimi snail while in Japan. Never thought I would eat it but I gave it a try. It was really crunchy. As far as my pickiness, I was really picky as a child, then I ate everything, and now I have dietary restrictions due to allergies. I want to eat everything but everything doesn’t like me. Thanks for sharing. The world of food is so wonderful!

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