The smile bug

That lips of mine curled up

into a smile.

Smile and smile


Something inside me seems lighter

more relaxed.

Am I specially happy for any reason?

Nothing has changed in my life for sure.

Still use the same route each morning and back.

Still sit on the same office chair and sleep on the same bed.

Still haven’t gone back to the gym or the lap pool.

Still living in a world of procrastination.

Perhaps I may have taken a step back

and live in acceptance.

No longer pushing myself

to do what I cannot or yet to do

but enjoy the moment on what I can do.

Living in the present

centred on here and now.

In peace and calmess

the smile bug has landed on me.

Praying that Smiley is here to stay.


Sometimes I wonder why anyone can just feel happy for no reason.

SMILE, its contagious, pass it on !





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