My dog ‘talks’


Most mornings going from my warm bedroom to his outdoor kennel, he would look straight into my eyes showing me he is cold and literally shivering.

‘Mummy’s going to work. Here’s your bone and your breakfast, Toby. Bye bye.’

He normally will try his luck, continued to shiver, ears pulled back, still gazing at me till I walked indoor and locked the door. He knows he has to stay home, no car ride or walk as indeed Mummy is going to work.

I used simple language with Toby, clear words, short sentences. Going to work means not only leaving for the office, it generally means that I am going out and he is staying home. My pet dog understands every word I say, except that he choose only to obey the commands that rewards him like ‘go out – breakfast’ or ‘come here mummy gives a treat’.

There is a strong sixth sense in that four legged buddy of mine. He knows when he can push his way in to get me to take him for a walk or car ride, he knows of my intention even before I say anything. He can sense. He makes pleading sounds to make me feel sorry for going out on my day off without him.

Apparently dogs are not the only breed that can trick people into giving them treats. I read an article ‘Animals tricking their way to better life’. It tells of a panda showing loss of appetite and reduced mobility leading staff at a breeding centre in Sichuan to assume the giant panda was pregnant. When it became clear she wasn’t, shocked staff concluded that she had faked it to secure more comfortable quarters and extra treats.

Owning a dog is like having a kid around the house. You find dirty marks on carpets and bedsheets, toys around the house, a hidden bone under your duvet or pillow, furs around the house and car. He shadows you and his ears pricked up, when he hears you open the pantry door. He sits and he waits lifting one paw wanting to shake your hand, begging for a treat. When you pat and stroke him and stopped, his little paw came out and pulled your hand back.

A dog is good company. He keeps you busy. He can be a handful. He also restricts your freedom. He breathes life into your home. Sometimes I wondered whether I had made the right decision to adopt a dog or would I be better off adopting a cat. I was and still am a cat lover. Cats are more independent, very proud and keep to themselves unlike a dog that shadows you whenever you are around in the house, makes his doggy sounds trying to communicate with you, drooping eyes, head down, a sign he is guilty for dirtying the carpet with his muddy paws or hiding a bone in your pillow.

A dog is an amazing creature, often called a man’s best friend. He can make you beam with pride and joy or he can embarrass you in public by being silly humping another dog even though he has been ‘fixed’. Not only that out of the blue when overly excited and in a playful mood at home, mine tried to be domineering and humped my leg too. That’s when I shooed him out and locked the door.

In spite of all these, my four legged buddy has given me much joy and so much comfort with his presence.  I have owned dogs before but had never spent much time or allowed them to live indoor as my Toby has.  He is my first dog that has been brought up relating to me so closely as part of my family that I honestly believed that he thinks he is as human as me.


Pawkisses to all doggy lovers out there.
Have an awesome weekend.




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