It’s Thursday


It’s one of my random day off today and it’s Thursday.  Yeah !

I love Thursdays because I am closer to the weekend.  Although I do work sometimes on a weekend, the feeling I get going to work on a Saturday or a Sunday compared to a Monday is totally different.  Working on weekend is more like going to the office casually where you see many desks with empty seats.  It somewhat has a more relaxing appeal.  My dress code is different too.

I wish I could sleep in a little more today.  It’s just 9am and I am fully awake after my four legged buddy wanted to go out.  He has now gone back to sleep snoring and cuddled up next to me.

Let’s see how I capture my thoughts on each day of the week.

Nothing stops for Monday.
It’s the start of a whole new week.
Grab your coffee and get going.

Good morning Tuesday.
It’s no longer Monday.
Time for cheap movies night out.

Midweek is here.
It still takes too long in this traffic.
Play some gospel music, give praise and worship.

My favourite day is here.
Smiling as I go around my daily chores.
In my apron holding a wine glass messing around in the kitchen.

Trolley Dolly makes her round at 3pm.
Sweets, chippies and a non alcoholic drink.
Head to the local pub and see what band is playing tonight.

Goodbye alarm clock.
The sound of washing machine and laundry on the line.
No hurry, take a stroll, smell the breeze.

It’s family time or is it dim sum time?
Then a lazy afternoon in the lounge.
My four legged buddy beside me and a Mac on WP on my lab.


What’s your favourite day of the week?

4 thoughts on “It’s Thursday

  1. Loved this post, Jess. It sounds so upbeat, made me feel better after a lacklustre day… It IS always good to have a day off during the weekdays. There’s just a special feeling about doing non-work things on then. Like, less queues in shops, less people on public transport and on the roads.

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