Things that Make Us Go “Click!”

When we take a picture we do more than just capture a moment; we invite others to see the world through our eyes.

via Things that Make Us Go “Click!”.


I never realized how a boring object such as a broken branch floating in the water or a partially opened door (for example) can turn out to be great pictures, especially when shot at different perspective or POV.

Even though my blog isn’t primarily on photography, I enjoy taking part in photo challenges and adding pictures to my stories to make any posts more interesting and an easy read.

Being a foodie, I tend to capture pictures of my dinner (especially when dining out).  I love photographing people going about their daily lives.  Sometimes I wonder if it is an offense to take photos of people without their knowledge or approval and publishing them (even though not for material gains).  My son, a journalism student assured me there is no law to say we cannot take pictures of people in public places unless there is a camera ban.

Here are some random pictures that I captured.  “Click or Snap”.

Macau as I saw it.

DSC00452 DSC00453



A boy, a dog and a seagull

Self explanatory.

What are some of your favorite photography subjects?

What makes you take out your camera?


4 thoughts on “Things that Make Us Go “Click!”

  1. Love the photos, Jess. Good to see that you’re going and visiting places. I actually find it odd snapping photos of people in public though there’s no law against that. Maybe I’m too polite. Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

  2. Most of my pictures are always things I see but not people. I just don’t like taking pictures of people except my family. So whenver there is actually a person on my holiday album it is either someone from my family or this person was just in the “way” 🙂

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