A mid-winter Christmas Treat

How blessed we are indeed, living in this part of the world, Australia and New Zealand that celebrate Christmas twice a year.

As a child, Christmas means Santa Claus coming down the chimney with a knapsack of presents, snow and reindeers.  In most seasonal countries the true Christmas happens in winter.  Christmas originated from the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  A child was born in a manger in the bleak winter and while shepherds watched their flocks by night.

I was invited to a cocktail party this evening to sample the Christmas menu that our local pub has prepared for the coming Christmas in December 2014.  It was a night of food, drinks and cocktails, a two hour free flow of food and drinks, mix and mingle with people from different companies invited to sample the coming Christmas Menu and making plans to host Christmas dinner for families, friends and organizations.

Nice food and company, what more can one ask for?  Thank you Garrison for the treat.


A great place to mix and mingle – see our iconic tomato sauce container

Christmas Cocktail - Image credit Sweet Southern

Christmas Cocktail – Image credit Sweet Southern Prep



3 thoughts on “A mid-winter Christmas Treat

  1. When I saw this post in my reader I thought you were inviting me out for a dinner, Jess. Maybe next time. Sounds like a very festive night. I hope you ate all that you could 🙂

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