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Manuka Honey is one of the most famous honeys in the world It is a beautiful, delicious tasting dark coloured honey with high antioxidant properties and now well known,remarkable anti bacterial healing powers.Manuka_Tree_sml2.jpg

For thousands of years honey has been known for its special properties. Certain honeys from specific plants have a greater range of properties than others, and the honey that comes from some strains of the New Zealand Manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium) is one of these.

The below is an extract from my favorite honey centre in Warkworth, 40 kilometres north of Auckland.

Active Manuka Rating (previously UMF factor)

Just like SPF is a rating for sunscreens, Active Manuka Honey too has a rating system.

The most authoritave and credible research experts for Active Manuka honey recommend that Manuka honey with an activity rating of 10 or more be used for medicinal purposes. Below 10 may still achieve good healing results but there is the possibility that the lower levels of activity may not fully clear the infection.This is because honey with a lower level will not allow as much of the antibacterial action to reach infected tissues,thus possibly not having any effect on deeper tissues.

Manuka20_500g_sml.jpgSo, an activity below 10 is not regarded as “special” Active Manuka Honey in the opinion of the experts.
For this reason we do not call our Manuka Honey “Active” if it is not above 10 in Activity. It is our normal Manuka that Kiwi’s have been buying for many, many years for daily use in many yummy ways! “Normal” Manuka is also very good pure Manuka Honey and many many customers buy our normal Manuka for daily use.It is a delicious tasting honey with very good healing properties like our other pure honeys. But it doesn’t contain the super special healing properties ( doesn’t contain high Methylglyoxal levels) that highly Active Manuka does.

So if you want Manuka for immediate medicinal use or preventative medicinal use, chose Active Manuka 10 +,15 + or 20 + with the red label.manuka honey for normal use

Normal Manuka Honey for general Enjoyment

If you want Manuka for general good health and daily enjoyment as a food, for example on bread, in drinks, then chose our normal Manuka with the purple label.

To ensure customers get truly effective health results, at The Honey Centre we concentrate on providing customers with genuine, pure, 10+, 15+ and 20+ Active Manuka. Because at 10+, 15+ and 20+ levels of activity, really strong healing properties exist.10+ 15 + and 20 + are the levels of Activity that give you optimum results and optimum cost effectiveness. And consequently optimum excellent health restoration is usually obtained.

Many people know that honey is good for your health and healing when sick.In fact the word Medicine originates from the word Mead (honey wine) or honey drink. So when you keep Active 10+ or 15+ or 20+ Manuka Honey in your household, you have something you can quickly use for outstanding treatment when for example, a sore throat occurs. You don’t need to wait to see a doctor or get a prescription. In fact at the first sign of infection ,you can quickly do something to counter the infection by taking a teaspoon of Active 10+, 15+ or 20+ Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey – Healing guidelines

Active Manuka Honey can be simply taken by the spoonful for example, sore throats. Take a teaspoon every 2 or 3 hours until symptoms cease.You can add Active Manuka to hot drinks such as tea and Coffee (unlike other honeys with hydrogen peroxide, which is easily destroyed by heat and light, Active Manuka still retains most of its anti bacterial properties, even after boiling or moderate dilution)

For internal stomach ulcer type conditions, spread about a tablespoon on a slice of bread or some food an hour before each meal and most importantly again just before bed.This allows the honey to heal all night while sleeping! For Helicobacter Pylori, the cause of stomach ulcers, scientific studies have shown Active Manuka Honey inhibits the bacteria growth and to be 8 times as effective as normal honey as a treatment !

For external slow healing wound conditions, Active Manuka is applied to the wound,then dressed with a suitable bandage. What is truly marvelous about honey and in particular Active Manuka Honey with a 10+ or 15+ or 20+ non peroxide rating is that when applied externally, the honey draws healing fluids and nutrition to affected areas which creates a natural thin layer of moisture on the wound surface. So when bandages,dressings are removed, new regrowing tissue is not damaged and healing is more rapid.

A study in the European Journal of Medical Research in 2003 claimed Active Manuka Honey used under dressings on post operative wounds had an 85 % success rate in clearing up infections compared with 50 per cent for normal antibiotic creams.

In 2007,an inspection of MRSA superbug victims who were receiving treatment at one of New Zealands leading hospitals found that the wounds treated with dressings impregnated with Active Manuka Honey cleared up quickly.

Manuka’s Antioxidant Properties

Perhaps an even more amazing medicinal benefit awaits from Manuka Honey as an understanding of it’s great antioxidant potential emerges.Whilst it is not yet fully understood,it appears that Manuka Honey may slow the oxidation process in the body which is associated with many degenerative human health conditions.Manuka Honey may “anti oxidize” or protect us from free radical unstable oxygen damage?
Recent research at the University of Illinois backs up this possibility, showing that darker honey which is related to the flower nectar type honeybees collect, is a good source antioxidants.

Honey Centre – Quality you can trust

Honey Centre Manuka and Active Manuka Honey is genuine Manuka Honey sourced by the honeybees only from the surrounding Manuka countryside. There are no other additives in the honey or used to create the honey. It’s 100 % New Zealand.



Images credit from the respective manufacturers.

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4 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Manuka Honey

  1. When I was a kid, my mum always bought Capilano honey, never bought manuka honey. I think it’s because Manuka honey is way more expensive. These days, my mum buys the supermarket variety (Safeway, Coles, Homebrand) of honey. It’s much cheaper, and sometimes taste sweeter than the other brands.

    • Manuka honey are the top ends of honey and those with 10 plus activity are for medicinal purposes. Whenever I am with sore throat or cough, a teaspoon of honey straight into your mouth does wonders. Sweet healing. Love it!

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