What I learned during our local WordPress event – Do you backup your blog?

WordCamp Auckland 2014 was a mid-winter event held on Saturday 26th July, 9am – 5.00pm at the AUT University, downtown Auckland. It was my first attendance to the WordCamp (naturally having discovered WordPress and being a blogger just slightly over a year ago).

The event was sold out and a great success with 140 attending. The morning sessions examined how people are using and succeeding with WordPress with the right content or market strategy. The afternoon session focused upon how to select or configure themes, plugins, hosting, security etc.

I have always been wondered whether or not a backup of my blog is necessary or whether an auto backup is built into the WP system but it seems from what I gathered from the topic, bloggers are responsible to manually do their backup.  I tried to do mine but I am still lost.  If anyone out there reads this and can advise on the steps on how to go about doing a backup of our blog, perhaps you could be kind enough to assist with the steps required.  It would be an utter waste and devastation if my blog is corrupted with no backup.  I cannot imagine how I could overcome that as I had (and still) put in huge effort and time on my blog and I am sure all bloggers feel the same.

To me, the best part of the WordCamp was to mix and mingled with like-minded WordPress users in real life. The organizers did a great job getting all the great speakers and charging only NZD25 for the event. The mere fact that they happily organized this event and not trying to make money out of this showed their passion to share their expertise with the local community.  We even got bits and pieces of free merchandize including a pair of WordPress sunglasses.

Thumbs up for the organizers Kevin Trye and Jason Kemp.

Do you backup to your blog?

Perhaps those who know how would like to share the step by step instuction on how to do a backup, please.


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6 thoughts on “What I learned during our local WordPress event – Do you backup your blog?

    • Hi Petrik, I had tried support before trying to export the blog but it didn’t seem to work but I will check out your link again and come back to you. Thank you so much for your kind advise. Greatly appreciated.

  1. Granny transported a copy of our blog posts to another blog, when we started to blog, but that was to elaborate, so she made herself an email follower, so that she doesn’t lose our blog stories. Pawkisses 🙂

  2. Hi. If your blog is hosted on WordPress.com, then they do daily backups for you. However, I would still recommend keeping backups yourself. To do this automatically is a bit more difficult for WordPress.com blogs. However, I recommend you at least do a weekly export of you blog – Go to Tools -> Export in your WordPress.com dashboard to download an file of all your blog’s content. Save that file in your Dropbox folder and you’ve got a backup of the backup.

    See here for more info: http://en.support.wordpress.com/export/

    • Hi Matt, I am so happy to see your reply. I thought there is an auto back up on WP but I think I read somewhere that the advise is to do another couple of manual backups? I will try your instructions and see if it works. Thanks heaps for the awesome presentation during the Wordcamp.

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