Travel Photography – Tip Nine : There is always a story

Every person has a story to tell.

– quote The Daily Post, Photographing Our Travel : Tips from Infinite Satori –

Vietnam is unique, not only is it known as the city of motorbikes but street vending is an essential part of city life.  There are those who constantly move around on foot selling their products, those have a stable stand on a street and those who own a shop and expand their products on the pavement.

Vietnam has more than 37 million motorbikes and 1.6 million cars. Among the population of 90 million, most adults use motorbikes as the most common means of transport. (Reported from TN News, 25 November 2013)

That’s the way of life in Vietnam, there is always a story to tell in every picture.

DSC06209 DSC06204

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