The coming global domination of chicken

I was reading the herald this morning and came across this article.

World’s appetite for chicken growing faster than any other meat


Per kilogram consumed, chicken’s carbon footprint is roughly half that of pork, a quarter that of beef, and nearly a seventh that of lamb. Photo / APN


Pork’s reign is all but over.

Poultry is expected to become the world’s most consumed meat over the next 5 years, according to a report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development last week. The world’s appetite for chicken is growing faster than any other meat, while pork consumption is slowing even in its most popular markets.

“Currently, pork accounts for the greatest share in world total meat production, however, a comparatively slower growth rate through the next decade will result in it being surpassed by poultry by 2020,” the report says.

The trend is expected to hold true for just about every region and country – developed or developing.

Why?  Click here to find out more.

Chicken is the most versatile meat. After pizza (but before chocolate) chicken is one of the most searched for foodstuffs on Google, and this could be because chicken is such a common and versatile ingredient.  Worldwide, 20% of the entire animal protein consumed by humans is chicken.

Just about every country on this planet has a famous chicken recipe.













































The list is endless.

Chicken is popular because it is so adaptable, widely available, reasonably affordable. Whether you like simple or sophisticated, dishes chicken features in all manner of cuisines, at all levels of skill. It is its affordability, accessibility, and culinary versatility that makes chicken the best meat to eat.

What do you prefer?
Chicken or Pork if you have to choose between those two?

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10 thoughts on “The coming global domination of chicken

  1. Chicken for the win. Chicken all the way. I don’t know if this is the case in New Zealand, but pork in Malaysia tastes very different – and much nicer – compared to Melbourne’s. In Melbourne, the pork is much more tougher and smells different. I don’t go out of my way to eat pork or ribs. I do eat the occasional ham but I’m not a huge fan of that.

    I was quite disappointed you didn’t put up a photo of Kentucky Fried Chicken….how could you? 😀 This is probably just me, but I think Malaysians make a big deal out of KFC more than us here in Australia. Just saying. Probably should write a post about this 🙂

    • KFC is chicken of the world and calls for a post on its own. I had a half drafted post on ‘Pork’ but looks like KFC has taken over. I am not a pork person and they have a smell too strong for me (same as those canned bamboo shoots which puts me off from entering a restaurant with that kind of smell) although I do eat pork cooked in some ways which you will read in my coming post (now after KCF). McDonald is to New Zealand as KFC is to Malaysia. 🙂

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