Travel Photography – Tip Four : Shoot through a first-person perspective

Exploring the shots from my last trip, let’s see how well (or not so well) I did on this tip, not that I was aware of it while doing the shot.

Tip Four : Stick your hand out while giving someone a flower or a gift, and capture these moments from your angle.  Or take a photo at the back of someone’s head, overlooking a valley, a waterfall, the ocean, or any type of landscape.  The viewer will feel as if they are right there.

– quote Photographing our travels, tips from Infinite Santori –

From my eyes – the streets of Hanoi, full of roadside vendors.

The last photo (shaky, not a very good job) was a quick shot taken while riding a cyclo (a new word I learnt).  I’ve always called it a Trishaw or a Rickshaw but never a Cyclo (see first photograph) but the Vietnamese had no idea what I meant when I asked the hotel receptionist to call a trishaw for me.  Oh, she said, you mean a ‘cyclo’.

These are all very raw shots, not edited.  I do not travel with a tripod or an Olympus, just a simple Sony Cybershot, small and handy and an iphone is all I need (as a backup) to capture those moments.  I am no professional photographer.


roadside vendors

roadside vendor1
roadside vendor2
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6 thoughts on “Travel Photography – Tip Four : Shoot through a first-person perspective

  1. Cyclo. That is a new word. It sounds funky. Looks like you went places in Hanoi, Jess. A change of scenery from New Zealand. A lot of the time I like going out with a simple point-and-shoot camera, much more convenient to take around than the more professional ones. A photo is a photo, there’s always a story within it. Looks like some people in Vietnam live the hard life. Hope you’re well, Jess. Have a good weekend 🙂

    • Cyclo was a new word to me too. I have a funny story about cyclo which I will share soon. Once I finished posting all these travel tips, I will post a topic that is close to your heart. No hints, so please don’t ask. 🙂 My cough is still bad but I am surviving. Goodnight Sweetie.

      • Get well soon, Jess, and keep warm. I meant to say have a good week ahead, not good weekend. Having a rough few days.

        Looking forward to the cyclo story, it sounds exciting. And I look forward to the other one too…what could it be, hmmm.

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