Split-second story – Pretty ‘girls’ all in a row

Split-second story - Simon Cabaret Show

Let your imagination fly in a split-second. When in Phuket treat yourself to probably the biggest “transvestite” cabaret show to be found locally. This show features a spectacular musical floor show performed by the world famous “ladyboys” of Simon Cabaret.

Guys, can you tell the difference? And ladies – wouldn’t you just die for a figure like that?

5 thoughts on “Split-second story – Pretty ‘girls’ all in a row

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  2. Mostly it is actually not that hard to tell the difference however there are some where you cant tell anymore. My wife appearently wants to go definitely to the Simoncabaret, when we go at some point to Phuket. Well, lets see how this will work out, I see myself staying already alone in the hotel together with our child :p

    • Definitely Simon Cabaret is worth a visit. If baby is well behaved, he (or she) can go along and it would be fun for you to enjoy the show with your wife. Enjoy Phuket, cheap traditional Thai body massage and nice authentic Thai food. 🙂

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