Should you invest money in promoting your blog?

Blogging 201, Day Thirteen

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Blogging is always a labor of love, where rewards take the form of engaged readers, substantive comments, new friends, and a better understanding of yourself as a writer. It’s also a time-consuming activity, though — and time often is money (directly or indirectly).

Should you invest money in promoting your blog?  Should you try to monetize your carefully crafted content?

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My answer is definitely NO.

I blog for pleasure and readers get to read my story and my random thoughts free so why should I pay for someone to read my blog?  In the internet age, lots of information can be sourced from the world wide web for free. My belief is if I am not selling something for monetary gain, then I do not see the need to invest money in promoting my blog.

I spend a lot of time on my blog and time is priceless and my stories are precious.  I get a sense of satisfaction whenever I clicked ‘publish’ and of course I cannot deny that I hope to see the little bar graph go up and up and hence I feel appreciated when I see ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.  It can often be discouraging when a post that you put time and effort in doesn’t bring that little bar graph up but I always tell myself I blog for pleasure not pressure.

At the end of the day, I am still determined that I share my story freely and readers come in freely to my blog and they either like what you see, read on, like it and comment (that’s when the interaction begins) or leave my page.  I would have liked everyone who stumbled upon my blog to stay on and build the connection but not everybody has the same interest.  No matter what I will not pay for traffic.

What are you views?  Should you pay for traffic?

18 thoughts on “Should you invest money in promoting your blog?

  1. That’s so good to hear – you write for the love for it. I love how you’re so honest in your posts, and it’s one of the reasons why I love coming back to check out what you’ve written when I can.

    I would also never monetise my blog, would never want ads put all over it and get money from that. “Pay for traffic” is another thing altogether. Boosting one of my posts through Facebook, you do get more views but it’s really just marginal. Stats and visitors to a blog, and paying for traffic, are really touch and go at the end of the day.

    • Thanks for your kind support, Mabel. 🙂 My blog started as my autobiography, sort of my open journal. I blog on my past and present daily events and random thoughts so I am totally honest in my posts. I want my blog to capture my true life story. That is also the main reason why I won’t pay for traffic. I totally agreed that sharing posts on facebook certainly boost traffic but I would rather have 10 views with ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ over a 100 views (links from facebook) with no interaction. Like you, I would also not want ads all over my blog to make money.

      • I love how you are so brave in sharing your life story and what you do day to day quite a bit. With my blog, there are some things I won’t talk about and draw the line there – say age, personal relationships, friends. Having paid to boost my post on Facebook, it was an interesting experience but one I would most likely not do again. I believe if we write honestly, put in effort and leave it at that, good things will come.

        If I were to make any money from writing, it would have to be in the form of a book 😀

      • Facebook tried to get me to boost traffic by paying. Although charges is very minimal, I won’t do it, like I said, I have no wish to open up my life story to the world but it is there for reads if anyone happen to stumble upon it. I have never ever thought of myself as a blogger when I first started because I just wanted to write my story for my children and hoped that WP will be there for many generations to come.
        Blogging is not a money making machine and if you were to make money, yes, certainly it will be to write a book and create a name for yourself as the ‘queen of culture’ or ‘cross-culture expert’ or something like that. I would will fly over to Melbourne when you launch your book. 🙂

      • You are a blogger! 😀 I’m with you on blogging is not a money making machine. For me, blogging is about sharing, connecting and learning. Sure, there are some out there who monetise their blogs with ads all over them, but then their blog sort of becomes like a business.

        Thanks, Jess. I am flattered. But the book launch is ages away with no set date in sight. But lucky you I plan on publishing in print. Though I was thinking if I do write a book, I’ll give away e-copies or Kindle versions away for free at the start first 😉

      • There’s a blogger I used to follow who did that – giving away e-copies of books she wrote. I guess that is how most bloggers started, from giving away e-books and then eventually became an author. Another idea is to take part in writers competition. Meanwhile happy blogging. Goodnight Sweetie. Bedtime for me. 🙂

    • Yes I guess at some stage when one is serious about blogging then you may have to buy your own domain but I am not so sure about going to unless you are looking at blogging for business or have a blog that is growing too big? You are probably tech savvy enough to self host WP but I know I won’t be able to handle the tech part of it. That sounds like a ‘big move’ and certainly need to invest some money and skills. 🙂

      • Not that my blog is too big nor I have business interest however on I can “finalize” the layout and form I want much better than here. I am only a bit tech savy, mostly I learned everything by doing 🙂
        As I have much ahead this year I doubt that I will make that move till end of this year or early next year. It takes alot of preparation (new design!) and time

  2. Nicely done. I’m new here to WordPress but I can already sense the feeling of community. I want my blog to be a place people can come and relax and feel at home. I don’t know anything about paying to promote, but I don’t want people to feel pressured to visit. I don’t want to bombard. Thank you for my morning read.

    • You could use facebook page as an example to ‘mirror’ your WP posts and pay to boost traffic to visit your facebook page and that link back to your WP posts. I would never pay for traffic. From personal experience, traffic generated from FB to my blog is mostly non interactive. sort of just ‘passive readers’. Thank you for your comments and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Thanks for sharing your point of view. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I have been considering promoting my blog on WordPress, but didn’t like what I read during the Blogging 201 course. I am using Twitter and Facebook to grow my audience without paying for ads.

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