Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary littlegirlstory

This blog was created on Sat 25/5/13 and currently under construction.

Posted on May 25, 2013

via This blog was created on Sat 25/5/13.

happy 1st blogging anniversary


It has been a year of new experience and doing something meaningful at the same time making new friends from across the globe.  It all started with me looking for a platform for my autobiography and I had never ever intended to be a blogger but being on WP, obviously I cannot deny I am a blogger and had survived a whole year !

Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary to Little Borneo Girl

who blogs on https://littlegirlstory.wordpress.com

I just want to thank all readers and followers for making this adventure so gratifying.  To me, a successful blogger is both a writer and a reader.  The best thing about blogging is interaction and connections.  Thank you for your invaluable support and I greatly treasured all your comments, likes and links.

I would love to hear from you what your most gratifying experience is as a writer (blogger), follower or reader.

If you not a blogger but just a reader, I would greatly appreciate a few words from you on this special occasion.

All comments greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary littlegirlstory

  1. Congrats, Jess! One year! Feels like I’ve known you forever. You are so right, being a blogger is about being a writer and a reader. Like you, I really enjoy getting to know fellow bloggers from across the globe.

    I love our chats here, and I love your posts too. Looking forward to more, and here’s to another blogging year 😀

  2. Congratulations! I’m into my third year, but wasn’t sure I would hang in there this long. Now, I’m obsessed with taking pictures and recording what I see. It’s a great hobby for me. Hope it is for you. Best wishes for continued enjoyment.

  3. Congratulations Jess and thanks for being my blogging buddy. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. Here’s to a fantastic 2nd year and onward from there. 🙂

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