Do you know that I am an Asian?

Today is my first anniversary of blogging. It is also my first try doing a scheduled post.  I prepared my 1st blogging Anniversary post two nights ago, too excited and cannot wait to announce it.

Thank you to my blogger friends who commented and liked my first anniversary post.

WordPress too wishes me


Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 1 year ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Now moving on to another topic.

Do you know that I am an Asian?

I am sure most if not all readers know that little Borneo girl is an Asian anyway but you may not know that I love noodles and I watch Korean drama series (or used to till blogging has overtaken that big time).  Oh yes, I also drink bubble tea.

Check out below light hearted video telling you more what an Asian person is like.

Video credits Christina Perri – “Human” Parody (ASIAN) by JinnyboyTV

14 thoughts on “Do you know that I am an Asian?

      • Sure noodles are one of the things. Usually she also drank alot of bubble tea but ever since it became illegal in Germany due to the bubbles containing some cancer causing part (at least Scientist are claiming that), she stoped drinking it.
        I guess there are also many other parts in the video she can relate to 🙂

      • I wish I would be good in math but I have been always the lazy kind of person when it comes to studies (except history!). My wife was shocked about how bad the average person is doing in math in Europe 🙂

      • A person who is bad is math or ‘lazy’ in studies often turn out to be an artistic person and get skilled jobs like artists of all kinds or photographers. You and your wife are good match then. She can take care of the finance. 🙂

  1. LOVE that video! I just got back from Korea and it really cracked me up! I don’t think I would have got it all if I hadn’t just made that trip, but boy, it really does fit. 😉
    I like noodles, math, and kareoke, my grandma was Italian (american) and a pharmacist and she wanted me to be a Dr too, my dad was an engineer, but…
    What’s up with the bubble tea???

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